Descriptive Essay : ' Lola Grove Parker '

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Silence- it crept upon this time so obscurely. This kind of tranquil harmony made the somber people’s heads droop as well as mine. In my line of sight was a limestone casket that belonged to an endearing educator at Bugende High. We all wore the hues of black that chilling night while witnessing the coffin sink gently into that shadowy pit of nothingness.
“God have mercy on those students that did this. Poor lady was found tied to an office chair. Such bloodshed for an insignificant gang ritual.” My mother’s sympathetic voice whispered into my ear. We soon elevated our heads from the ground. Rose petals from other grave sites along with this one piled into her massive, fashionable hat.
“Yeah. When I find those seniors, they’re going to die.” I mumbled out, kicking out the silk beneath my uncomfortably high heels. My pupils glanced up at my mom’s royal cobalt eyes… those surprised, but anger-filled eyes.
“Lola Grove Parker. That’s not how this family operates. There will be no killing, unless you’re killing those bad grades of yours.” A smirk spread on her now lively face. Her powdered countenance matched the color of rich Chestnut.
“Come on, mom! It was a simple joke. Plus, it’s summer which means that’s impossible!” I chuckled out before noticing that I didn’t have her attention anymore. Jealousy with a hint of curiosity caused me to follow her eyesight.
“Mrs. Chambers is here? Lisa!” She shouted while beginning to trudge over to the hazelnut haired woman that had the…

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