Descriptive Essay - Feeling Dirty

939 Words Dec 25th, 2016 4 Pages
Feeling dirty. I laid out a jogging suit, took a shower and shaved. Getting dressed, I kept looking at that room. A sense of joy filled my heart. I was revived. At 11:30pm, I proceeded towards finishing my mission. I commenced to scrub, cleaned, and organized every square inch of the rest of the house. Uniquely decorating each room as I went. Big red bows on the walls and windows. Christmas towels in the bathroom. A reindeer in a corral with white cotton poop on the back of the toilet. While I was cleaning, I cooked a ham with pineapples and cherry’s. A pan of stuffing. Made deviled eggs and green beans. Fixed a plate with crackers, with port cheese and sliced summer sausage. Set up the buffet with the cheese and crackers. Placed Christmas dishes and rolled silverware and sat that on it next to the holly tea glasses. Then, the Santa plate with Christmas cookies and a bowl with chips and dip too.

The bar was already stocked with different liquor and mixes. Beer was in the fridge. I put some Christmas napkins on the bar with a few highball glasses, and dish with colorful Christmas candy. Finished cleaning the kitchen. Washing the cookware, used to prepare the dinner, and put them away. Put the Christmas table cloth on the table. Set a service for one. Placed antique red Christmas candles in the center of the table with a bucket of random Christmas ornaments inside it between the candles. The backside of the home was smiling and gleaming. The rooms with the bows, and old…

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