Descriptive Essay : ' Come Fly With Me '

1607 Words Nov 24th, 2015 null Page
The odd element of place is that place exists beyond time. A place we find ourselves in possesses the ability to represent our past, our present, and our future in a seemingly effortless fashion. A place does not require a time machine or futuristic technology to transport us to another time, but can do so in the blink of an eye. The smallest, most unassuming details allow us to relive a moment, in a sense, through the sounds of a particular place. Place is a non-physical space rooted in memory and interpreted by sound which allows a person to recall their past, reflect on the present, and dream of their future. On a particularly nostalgic day last weekend, I decided to listen to Frank Sinatra. I selected a song, “Come Fly With Me,” and I was instantly transported away from my dorm to my home on Olive Street. I became four years old again. The room I found myself in was the family room off of the dining room where I kept some of my toys. I was playing with my wooden Brio train with my father. We loved to design new track layouts and push the trains along the path together. One aspect of the place I remembered that had not changed from the place I had left in my dorm room fourteen years later was the music in the background. Sinatra’s song I had cued was also sounding from the computer speakers on the desk above me. Everything around me and my own memories were in alignment; my visit into my past filled the gaps and holes left by the passage of time. Music has the ability to…

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