Descriptive Essay : Coercive Shopping

874 Words Oct 6th, 2016 4 Pages
Coercive Shopping Site, smell and hearing senses can easily be distorted to be abused by retail anthropologist, but can there be a positive aspect? Even the sense of touch is changed, not with physically touching items but rather the coupon paper in the hand of the consumer. Senses are used to help consumers with decisions and distorted to make them believe they are doing what they really want. Tricked into buy something the consumer does not need and helping them get things easier and conveniently are not the same. From the food at the front of a store, to the items with higher sales rates due to higher request, they are specifically placed for customers. The determination of those items placement is from computer generated programs. Indeed, there is more than one positive aspect to be familiarized with. The science of consumerism and easily accessible items may seem to be the same aspect, but in no way are. While the power of suggestion is easily abused and used to control unwanted shopping habits.
The power of suggestion is abused by retail marketers. It is in fact a form of mind control. The subconscious mind is what guides humans without them knowing. The brain does not act alone, but by physical and visual stimuli. Stimuli that can be stored into long term memory if it is a liked reaction. The body can be trained not to follow negative stimuli by subconscious thoughts that are also pre-programed. Some will say that the training of stimuli is what the…

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