Description Of The Sea Box Essay

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In nature, there are a lot types of environment where lives many plants and each of these has different characterizes depending on the place where is grown up. The environment most diffused in Australia is sandier; here a lot of plants grow up and they can survive in spite of high wind or rain, there is no protection, the can survive although there is low water.
In sandy environments live a lot of plants: Alyxia Buxifolia (Sea box) or Spinifex Hirsutus (Rolling Spinifex) are some examples that I’ll describe.
Scientific name – Genus species: Alyxia Buxifolia; is a species of shrub in the Apocynaceae family.
 Sea Box is a type of plant that is suitable for coastal areas, they are useful for revegetation projects because their seed are dispersed by birds such as silver eyes. The Alyxia Buxifolia plant grows in protected swales and hind dune areas. It has got a woody medium shrub 2m high by 3m wide. Leaves paired, thick, dark green and shiny on top. These plants also got flowers that are in small groups, petals have a lopsided “windmill” appearance white waxy.
 These plants have adaptation that allow them to survive in sand dune habitats: waxy layer on leaves that provide protection from sand blasting, water loss and salt build up; increase thickness in the leaves to protect the plant from dehydration, exposure to the sun, Root System is deeper to find water or acts as an anchor for the plant


Scientific name – Genus species: Spinifex…

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