Description Of The Battle Of Bunker Hill

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It is pouring rain and you are numb cold. Your face is grim. Thunder and lightning crack across the sky. Your hear a sound, louder than the thunder. A cannon flies through the air and with a thunderous sound, crashes down on the mud and dirt before you. You are safe, the walls of the earthworks you had helped build earlier are still holding together. You see another cannon fly through the air towards you, but the effect is no different. The walls are sturdy, they can be torn down by the cannons, you think. The British come marching up the hill, guns in their hands. You hear the sound of a gun fire, and then another gun fires, and another. Your commander shouts, “Steady, steady” .he is saying. “Fire”! You load your gun and slowly press the trigger. The gun shoots. Bang! The fight has begun. …show more content…
A major battle that would push forward the thought of revolution, and war. This was one of the very first major battle of the revolutionary war. This battle would once again prove to Britain that the colonists don't want to be ruled by Britain. The revolution had been getting much more tense, and the battles, much like this one, were endless. Even though the battle was lost by the colonists, it wasn't really about winning or losing, it was just another way of showing Britain that revolution had begun. They had had it with the king and parliament. Many, many people had fought during this great battle and of course, the king grew angrier, and the British just grew more tense. The colonists had realized something during this battle, that the British were not an invincible force, and with a lot tea,work, it could be

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