Lord Of The Flies Jack Character Analysis

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Radhik Patel

The Lord of the Flies

Jack, one of the main character in The Lord of the Flies by William Golding goes significant change. After a plane crash, some schoolboys find themselves on a deserted island without any adults. This leads to the boys gathering where the boys and pick a leader. They choose Ralph as the leader, which dissatisfies Jack. Ralph appoints the boys to their jobs, and puts Jack in charge of hunting. Jack is a innocent twelve year old boy when he arrives, but who easily forgets his old life, allowing which forces him to make barbaric choices. Jack’s desire to be in power and his obsession with of hunting transforms him from being a civilized school boy into a violent savage.
When Jack arrives on the island,
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After Jack left Ralph’s lot, some of the boys joined him, which lead him to saying, “We’ll hunt. I am going to be chief” (118). Jack is telling his group the only thing that matters to him is hunting and being chief. Hunting is deriving Jack to become violent, and is adding something new to his character. Jack’s priorities are becoming very different from when he arrived on the island. When Jacks group kills a pig, he “Jack held up the head and jammed the soft throat on the pointed stick”(122). Earlier when Jack had to kill the pig he was scared a coward, later in a similar with the same type of situation Jack is able not only to kill the pig, but to put the head on a stick. to stick a pointed stick down the throat. Being on His actions are showing how the island is changing him over the time. After having a feast Jack says, “Give me a drink. Henry brought him a shell and he drank”(133). Jack thinks he deserves this treatment because he is keeping the boys well fed. Another reason he does this is because he wants to enforce he is chief, and keep fear in them so they don’t disobey. After Jack invades Ralphs shelters, “Three figures trotted back...from [Jacks] hand dangled Piggy's glasses”(151). Jack is trying to show the power he has over Ralphs group. He wants to send a message that he has more people for his cause, so he is stronger. After Simon and Piggy die, the savages “Had smoked [Ralph] out and set the island on fire”(177). Jack did this so he would have no competition to being the leader, and keeping all the boys loyal to him. He goes as far as trying to kill Ralph by the fire, which shows how unattached he is from his old life. Jack lost everything he comes with on the island. Which forced him to know nothing else besides taboo

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