Essay on Description Of A Walking Survey

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Inwood Walking Survey
Inwood is a neighborhood that is at the most northern point of the borough of Manhattan. It consists primarily of apartment buildings, with a wide variety of mom and pop business stores. The neighborhood is full of hills and mountainous areas and bordered by two bodies of water; The Harlem River to the north and east, and the Hudson River on the west, which places most of the neighborhood in hurricane evacuation Zone 2 (“Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder”, 2016). Inwood begins on 200th street better known as Dyckman street to 220th street, with various intersecting avenues, Broadway is the main avenue. The total population is 52,051 people, with 73% of the population of Dominican descent. The median rent is $1650.00 per month, median age 36 years, median household income of $43,933.00 (“Inwood Real Estate Market Overview”, 2016).
The neighborhood is accessible via the Bronx and the rest of Manhattan. Inwood is accessed by car, bicycle, bus and train. Via car the neighborhood can be reached by the Henry Hudson Parkway on the Dyckman street exit, Harlem River Drive also Dyckman street exit, by the Broadway Bridge onto 220th street, by the University Heights Bridge onto 207th street. Bicycle lanes have been designated throughout the neighborhood for those who choose not to drive. There are designated lanes on most streets as well as on the two highways previously mentioned. Inwood has many forms of public…

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