Describe Your Duties And Responsibilities During Your Last Deployment

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Describe your duties and responsibilities during your last deployment.
During my last deployment I was a Headquarters Service Company (HSC) Advisor teaching, coaching, and mentoring a Headquarters Service Company commander responsible for the support of a 700 man Iraqi motorized infantry battalion. I supervised all organic and nonorganic logistical elements supporting the Iraqi Battalion, provides guidance and directives to HSC Commander and other logistic personnel. I worked with the Iraqi Brigade personnel and advisors to account for/maintain equipment, respond to all logistic suspense 's, conduct internal and external inspections, and ensure the unit had the required resources and equipment to complete its mission.
What distinguished you from your peers during that deployment?
Creating the systems, processes and procedures to ensure the Iraqi Soldiers had the support they needed to conduct their mission were what distinguished me from my peers. This was a great challenge not only due to a language barrier, but also due to a cultural one as well; both needed tact, patience, and good persuasive techniques. A good interpreter can overcome the language barrier, but the cultural barriers needs more time to achieve an enduring effect. With time and patience, the organization transformed into one that could coordinate, anticipate, and provide timely support to ensure mission success.

Describe your most intellectually challenging experience.
My most challenging intellectual…

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