Descent Of Man From The Higher Animals By Mark Twain Analysis

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In the relatively short history of the United States, this great nation has been involved in a conflict 93 percent of its existence (Washington 's Blog). The fact that man is quick to destroy their own is a key component of Mark Twain’s argument of the, “Descent of Man from the Higher Animals” (Twain, 1) in his work titled, The Damned Human Race. Mr. Twain’s work uses sarcasm to justify his findings that humans have devolved from the higher animal to the lowest. While most would agree with his argument, if the essay is critically evaluated, “holes” in his argument are found. Mr. Twain uses emotions to lead the reader to an illogical conclusion with hasty generalizations of the human race. Mr. Twain’s argument starts with an event that was …show more content…
Twain’s essay more successful he should not have utilized such a sweeping generalization of man. While his emotional argument was strong, the fact remains that all mankind are ruthless killers, greedy, or prone to violence. It is true that there are people in the world that kill just to kill or hang a trophy on the wall. However, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are very active in animal rights. More people are converting to a vegan diet due to the exposure PETA has placed on animal rights. They provide a voice for the animals of our planet. Mr. Twain also attacks mankind for greed. He is correct, we do have greedy people in the world, but again, this is a broad generalization. Many donate to charities. In fact the American Red Cross was created 1882 to aid those in need (American Red Cross). Man has even evolved further as between October and December 2012 $223 million was raised for Superstorm Sandy relief (CNN). His argument of torture is also incorrect. While there may still be isolated incidents of torture that can and should question human morality, many nations have come together to sign the Geneva Convention that established humanitarian treatment in war. Granted there is nothing good that comes from war, but eliminating torture is a step in the right

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