Descartes ' Descartes On The Existence Of God Essay

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Please read the lecture notes entitled ‘Descartes’, ‘Descartes on the Existence of God’ and ‘Descartes on the Material World’, together with relevant readings from your course book, ‘Philosophy Here and Now’ and any associated or recommended text before considering the following questions:

1. What was the aim and the proposed methodology of the Cartesian Project and what factors persuaded Descartes to pursue it? The treatment of Descartes’ method by historians of science and historians of philosophy has been no exception to this pattern. The Discours de la méthode has been seen as one of the most important methodological treatises in the Western intellectual tradition, and Cartesian method has been viewed as doubly successful and significant within that tradition. The aim of much research on Cartesian method is serious, scholarly, ‘apologetic’ exegesis: the analysis and explanation of how and why Descartes ' well-omened methodological enterprise came to pass. Just as all Christian apologists believe in God, so apologists for Cartesian method agree on the basic aim of elucidating, historically and philosophically, what was in principle and in practice a triumph of an efficacious method.

2. Explain and evaluate the ‘Evil Deceiver’ conjecture within the context of the project – why was it introduced, what problems did it raise and how were they overcome? The evil demon, also known as evil genius,…

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