Major Depression In Children

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Developmental issues can be hard to distinguish. The mental health problems of young children are often unrecognized until they become severe and difficult to treat”(e.g., Tolan & Dodge, 2005; U.S. Public Health Service, 2000a, 2000b). Not diagnosing children in earlier stages of development can be detrimental to their adulthood in many aspects. One in twenty children in America establish a form of depression before the age 19. There are multiple varieties of depression that can occur. Major depression, being in a low state for more than two weeks straight is one that commonly is developed. How is Depression Developed in Children?
Although depression can be inherited from past generations it is on off balance of hormones in your
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Study your child 's behavior even if depression is not suspected. Children from ages 11 to 19 are more commonly bullied in school than any other age group. Being with your child throughout its day is nearly impossible but establishing a comfortable relationship can help the child grieve from the issues bothering he or she. This is critical because some children will hide their depression in fear of wrongful reaction of parents. Allowing positive and healthy communication with your child can prevent these scenarios. Keeping the child active in sports of any form of activity can enhance their inability of being depressed. Children not involved in afterschool activities are also more likely to abuse substance, be violent and or become depressed because of lack of self worth. Having a child involved with others and other activities not only boosts their self esteem but gives them things to relate to in time of despair. Depression can lead to negative results that could be helped with evaluation and screening with pediatric …show more content…
Treating depression at an earlier age can be helpful for long term effects. Depression Untreated can cause the child to be an unproductive citizen, harmful to others and end up in prison. Children that are depressed fail in school, develop internet addictions, run away and abuse drugs or alcohol etc. 95% of children imprisoned suffer from some sort of mental disorder 90% of them suffer from depression. As an adult their self esteem may be low they may have problems having relations, and with certain depression medication it may give them high blood pressure. Another negative result is that is reproduction does occur in the child’s life the baby will inherit a possibility to form depression in he or she’s lifetime. Those with early onset depression are more likely than those with late onset depression to have a family history of depression (e.g., Heun, Papassotiropoulos, Jessen, Maier, & Breitner,

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