Depression And Suicide Among The Senior Population Essay

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In an article by the Time Colonist, “Seniors and depression: On a ‘shrinking island’” Amy Smart discusses the prevalence of depression in the senior population throughout Vancouver Island and its correlation with several determinants of health. Although many determinants of health are of influence, this paper will focus on the effects of social support networks and economic and social status on the risk factor of depression and suicide among the senior population. Aiming to discuss the non-publically acknowledged fact that Vancouver Island communities account for the highest rates of depression in our Province, which often leads to suicides (Mckinley, 2016).
The Risk Factor of Depression and Suicide Amongst Seniors
In any Vancouver Island community, one in four people experience depression (Mckinley, 2016). This statistic can be compared to British Columbia’s lower rate of every one in five people (Mckinley, 2016). Depression is often difficult to diagnose, especially in seniors whose symptoms, such as a change in activity levels and sleep, are often similar to those of aging (Canadian Mental Health Association [CMHA], 2013). The Public Health Care Agency of Canada (PHCA) defines a senior as an individual who is 65 or older (2010). According to British Columbia Coroners Service, people aged 70 and older account for 12 per cent of the suicides in the province (Smart, 2014). In addition, the rate of suicide within the senior population had an increasing rate for men…

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