Mental Disorders: Postpartum Depression In Women

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Mental disorders or mental health issues have continuously troubled many people throughout the world no matter the age or gender. Some of these disorders include depression, bipolar disorders and schizophrenia. They are some of the most frequently diagnosed illnesses. Although they may have some differences there are some areas in which they share similarities. Two similarities in particular are that they have major effects on ones life and their relationship with those they love.
Depression is a well-known mental disorder that daily effects lives. A person may often feel sad, less hungry or overeats and less interested in things that were once enjoyable, as a result of it. These moods can make a difference in a person 's thoughts, emotions,
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This happens year-round. Postpartum Depression is what some new moms commonly face after giving birth. A recent study showed that 1 in 7 women will have it within the first months after giving birth (Todd, 2016). Researchers concluded that women are more prone to suffer from depression more than men. A study showed that women 's rates of MDD were frequently 1.5 times to 3 times those of men (Ojeda, V. D., & McGuire, T. G.,2006). There are several theories as to why women suffer from depression more than men. A biological explanation, stated that women suffer from depression more than men because they are more subject to fluctuating hormone levels mostly surrounding the time of childbirth and during menopause (Burton, 2012). Whereas the sociocultural explanation stated that women are more stressed than men because they not only have to work but are also expected to take on multiple task, such as maintaining the home and raising the children (Burton, 2012). These tasks can exhaust them and can lead them into a depression. Many of the studies on depression were not just on gender but also race. In a study, researchers inferred that African …show more content…
It affects 1 percent of the worldwide population and 1.2 percent about 3.2 million Americans (Nemade, PH.D. & Dombeck, PH.D., 2008). It usually appears during early adulthood but can appear when they are children or older but this is rare. It makes a person unable to distinguish what is real from what is just their imagination. Some of the most common symptoms are delusions that can be regular or paranoid, hallucinations, inappropriate behavior, loss of interest or excitement in things that were once enjoyable. Delusions and hallucinations are one of the most common symptoms that people know about Schizophrenia. Delusions is when a person has out of this world 's belief that are not real. Hallucinations is when a person starts hearing voices in their heads or may see or feel something that is not there but is in their minds. Those suffering with Schizophrenia often feel out of touch with society and will seem really reserved or isolated. Schizophrenia has similarities with Depression and Bipolar Disorders such as losing interest in things that you once enjoyed but has more severe effects. Schizophrenia can be linked to the legendary singer Donny Hathaway. He suffered from it and ultimately took his own life as a result of it. He was said to be delusional and paranoid on the day of his death and ended up jumping out of his 15th floor apartment window. Prior to his death, he

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