Essay about Depression And Anxiety Disorders And Depression

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One in five people will experience depression in their lifetime and one in four will experience an anxiety disorder. Nearly everyone will be affected by depression or anxiety in their life, whether personally or through loved ones. Very little is known by the general populace about depression and anxiety disorders. Most shy away from the subjects, as they are generally seen as distasteful and taboo subjects to be publicly talked about. Expanding people’s knowledge of such mental illnesses can help those untouched by it to understand and accept those who do have one. Depression and anxiety disorders in a person can affect that person’s relationships, their performance at school and work, their self-image, and increase their self-destructive tendencies.
To begin, depression and anxiety disorders can affect families, friendships, and romantic relationships. Depression leads to destructive thoughts that can lead to an isolated and detached life. It can cause a person to drive away loved ones for many reasons: to avoid hurting them, to improve and unburden their loved ones’ lives, or to avoid being hurt themselves. The bad reputation that depression gets can also lead to a strain on relationships. It can be hard to love and understand someone when their mental disorder comes with a lot of negative baggage and connotations. A depressed person’s significant other can also feel guilty, believing they are causing or worsening the depression, leading them to abandon the relationship…

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