Deportation Is Not The Answer Essay examples

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Many people in society have considered their lives as being Cruel or unbearable. Some even go to the point of either migrating or immigrating to a new state or country, whether for the betterment of their family or themselves. While a minority legally moves with legal documents, the majority illegally moves without legal documents. However, in terms of illegal immigration how does one immigrate from one country to another, based on the narrator of My Life As An Undocumented Immigrant, Published by José Antonio Vargas, he stated that he illegally immigrated to the United States, as a boy, by getting a fraud Passport, SSN, Birth Certificate, etc. (Vargas). While immigrating illegally might sound good for undocumented immigrants, it has a long lasting effect on legal residents throughout the country. For instance, as undocumented immigrants increase, legal residents will decrease, in terms of employment. While the deportation of illegal immigrants has eliminated a small portion of them coming to the United States, studies have shown that deportation is not the answer. The United States should reform Immigration laws in which those that enter are individuals with certain skills that will prove useful for the economy. The issue of immigration is a long lasting issue that has not been managed probably; in fact, its existence has started since the time of the Columbus age, most likely further (Schmidt). After Christopher Columbus “discovered” the new world in the late 1492s,…

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