Essay on Department 8101

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Department 8101 analysis The conflict over power within a group can be handled in a constructive or destructive manner. When groups work through conflict in a constructive manner the outcomes can benefit opposing sides with the development of more creative solutions. When conflict is handled in a destructive manner, the interaction will be wrought with competition and there will be a failure to see the common goals. All groups will have conflicts to work through. It is the group’s ability to progress towards achieving their goals and not let interpersonal conflicts derail their success. The use of power by individuals in department 8101 and the destructive manner in which it was used greatly outweighed the opportunity for any …show more content…
Most of the department felt that Rita was going to be a detriment to the group’s ability to make decisions when necessary and change things that they did not want changed. Most of the responses resulting from the conflict were destructive. The meeting that was called by Rita on Monday of her second week was the first of many things that put people on the defensive. “Defensive behavior is behavior which occurs when an individual perceives threat and anticipates threat in the group (as cited in Osland, Kolb, Turner, & Rubin 2007, p290). Rita began to evaluate the department and discuss the things that needed to be changed. She made changes without the collaboration of the group. She tipped the balance of power to her side, so that there was not a sense of fairness evoked from the group in regard to the decisions she was making. The group always took care of the training, discipline, and the high standards for quality for which the department was noted. Terry and Helen used the destructive response of demeaning others as their active response to the conflict. Terry made multiple comments to the group about his thoughts on any new supervisor that would be replacing Hank. Terry’s remarks made reference to the point that the department was running well and did not need any interference from a new supervisor trying to change things. Helen added her bias of disliking female managers in the workplace,

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