Demonstrate Understanding Of Effective Opportunity-Search Methods Essay

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. Demonstrate understanding of effective opportunity-search strategies;
Job hunting can be a challenge to many, it is time consuming and requires constant effort to find the right job. There are many ways to go about when looking for a job, the most traditional method which is newspapers and journals, many publishers advertise the job opportunities online because it is a much easier access for the applicant. Employment agencies is another method when looking for a job, there is a high demand for jobs through employment agencies the best way to get a job via employment agencies is to stay in touch and to stand out amongst the many others. Door to door job hunting can also be effective but it might not be suitable and professional to do so when it comes to high end job opportunities. Family, friends, former co-workers are valuable sources they can recommend you to jobs, which is a more effective way than just applying to a job. Networking in the hospitality industry is particularly important. Having business cards printed out or simply just networking via professional networking sites such as LinkedIn can open many opportunities. Advertising myself on self-advertising sites, job search websites, volunteering to gain experience and not sitting around
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For example my current job even though I didn’t have previous experience in food and beverage service, I told my interviewer that I’m hard working and willing to learn, that I’m a quick learner and that I will put to practise what I have learnt, I was even tested on carrying plates and glasses. This which I had already practised at home and come so it was easy to put my practice and knowledge together to get through the

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