Demographics And Break Down Of My Classroom Library Essay

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In this Action Research paper, I am going to discuss the demographics and break down of my classroom library, and the possible deficits it presents to the students who populate it. This is significant because the more a child is exposed to a rich and dynamic library of books the better he or she has to be fluent in both reading and writing (Tompkins, 2015). It is also essential to to remember that a lack of culturally variegated texts may have an negative impact on children. I will first discuss the context that contains all the breakdown of the district, secondly the individual makeup of what my school looks like and finally represent the individual classroom demographics. I will further progress the variables of texts I’ve chosen in the classroom library and the significance they have. My field placement school is Kent island Elementary School, located in Queen Anne 's County Maryland. In this school district there a total of 15 schools. 8 elementary, 4 middle, 2 high schools and 1 alternative school (QACPS, 2015).
According to the the National Center for Education Statistics there are 10,306 children under the age of eighteen (NCES, 2014). Of those children under the age of eighteen, 132 are Hispanic or Latino, 10,174 are non Hispanic or Latino. With a closer lens into the population of only one race, there are 9,090 white, 865 Black or African American, 22 Native American or Alaskan Native, 62 Asian, Hawaiian or pacific Islander and 63 of some other race…

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