Demographic Characteristics Of Cattle Farmers Essay

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The results of analysis on table 1 presented the demographic characteristics of cattle farmers in the study area. A large proportion were male (95.9%) than the female (4.1%), which is an indication that male participated more than female in the awareness and the use of crop residue urea feeding technology. The findings also revealed that majority (40 – 50 years) of cattle farmers are in their middle ages which implies that age was an important variable as it reflects the physical strength for work. Also, in the study area, the average proportion (51%) of the respondents had adult literacy education. More so, their level of education determined the broad mindedness which was an important factor in adopting technology by farmers. Furthermore, it was also indicated that majority (96%) of the respondents were married which implied that there could be an increased in the number of family labor through procreation. Also, it was reflected that the herd size and income level per month of the respondents were low which meant that the cattle farmers were practicing small scale production.
Moreover, it could be observed from table 2 that the various method of inclusion of the supplements with crop residue among respondents was low resulting into low productivity. However, Dolberg (1992) stressed that importance of crop residue urea process feeding technology in feeding animals that it did not only save grains, but make feed more palatable, nutritious and available for cattle all the…

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