Democracy Is An Effective Form Of Government Essay

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Democracy is basically a political system in which the majority of the population holds all the power. There are no limits to what the majority is allowed to decide. It is commonly believed among Americans that democracy leads to freedom, peace, and prosperity. But many argue that this is not the case, and believe Democracy is potentially the most dangerous of the political systems. Although there is no guarantee of a just democracy, both Robert D. Putnam and Barrington Moore believe a democracy can be an effective form of government with the correct tools and people. Whether or not they believe it is the best form of government is a different question.
Robert D. Putnam has been, among non-Italians, one if not the most influential interpreter of post-war democracy in Italy. Studying the Italian case, Robert Putnam developed a sophisticated approach for understanding what makes contemporary democracies stable or unstable and effective or ineffective. Italy has been for Robert Putnam what America was for Alexis de Tocqueville. Although Robert Putnam drew conclusions about Italian democracy that have been criticized and opposed by many native scholars, nevertheless even the most vociferous among them have had to engage with the scientific work supporting their conclusions. The strength of a scholarly work is not in the degree of consensus it enjoys, but in the fact that it is a necessary reference point for those dealing with the topic investigated by that work. Just as it is…

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