`` Democracy `` By Fred Moten Essay

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The term American, when used by one who considers themself to belong to this term, is perceived to portray a person containing the traits of strength, duty, and unity. It is thought that the individual characterized by this term should be proud to classified as one. This is the picture painted by media, that when “Uncle Sam” calls on the people of America, everyone would stand up and defend this beautiful, peaceful country till their last breath. The term American gives those classified as such a defined sense of community and of belonging to and relating to those within that community. However, the characteristics that make someone an American is as different as the people that are asked. The term American is a binary in itself and the term can be split at the root into two separate entities, the political and geographic definition or the emotional and debatable definition. In his article “Democracy”, Fred Moten dictated that a democracy in America presently, is a practice of exclusion. Democracy listens to the individuals holding the power, white males, while letting the pleas of those that have been excluded from the previous category fall on deaf ears. Moten suggest that a democracy is solely for show when he states, “Elections in the United States are meant, finally and above all, to demonstrate that an election took place.” In the United State’s culture, an election is held as a sacred right for those who consider themselves an American. It gives people hope that…

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