Essay Democracy And The Important Of Democratic Stability

2278 Words Mar 18th, 2016 null Page
Li Shang Lin
Problematics of Democracy and the Important of Democratic Stability Democracy does not exist without any problems. One of the main problems that undermine the stability of democracy is not solely about the triumph of one party or another but rather the cost of maintaining democratic stability. The issue at hand is cost and is specified into two types, transition and compensational costs. Transition costs include conflict, potential, instability and social polarization (Magagna, Lecture 17 January 2016). These costs include a differing in opinion between political groups and the forming of organizations to support a specific cause. The second cost is based on the uneven distribution of benefits in the democratic situation. The distribution is benefits is rooted from the generation of two parties. Whenever there is a mass support of something, there will also be a massive opposition that is trying to go against that party (Magagna, Lecture 17 January 2016). Problematics then come into play to ensure that democracy remains stable under the dueling of the two parties. Every democracy will have problems within its operations that is destabilizing the democratic institution. There is also a cost that is required to maintain the stabilization of the institution. Furthermore, problematics come hand in hand to ensure the stability of a democratic state. Under any set of democratic rule, there is always a transferring of outcomes to a modern state ruled by the…

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