Democracy And The Formation Process Essay

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Democracy is a dominant concept widely used in modern government, and it is also opposed to “autocracy” in political doctrine. In the past centuries to now, the concept of the democracy and the formation process in different countries have different results, hence each country’s democratic system is not the same. As people can see that most predecessor of the democratic government were authoritarianism, thus “democratization” can be seen as a means of the citizens to resist the dictatorship. In this essay, it will describe the beginning, the transformation and the present situation of the democracy in the following four countries: United States, France, Spain and Zimbabwe. At last, this essay also will explain the reasons of the variation of democracy nature in these countries.

In the 18th century, this point in time was to beginning of the American independence and towards a democratic government. Due to the influence of the Enlightenment and a number of philosophers proposed reforms for liberty and democracy, such as John Locke’ Two Treatises of Government in 1690. Locke’s writing greatly affected the British human rights, and a large number of the American revolutionaries and politicians were also influenced by Locke’s concepts. Ultimately, because of the external forces in many aspects, which cause the American Revolutionary war took place in 1776. In 1789, the United States government formally promulgated the first written constitution in the world, Constitution of…

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