Democracy And ' Good Governance ' Presents Its Own Problematic

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Democracy and ‘good governance’ presents its own problematic. There is inherent contradiction between the perfect representation of society through the elaboration of democratic ideas, the precedence of economic power. Furthermore, the growing influence of capital has transcended the realm of politics, into the global economy. As the global economic relationships grow transnationally, as do the ideologies which govern them. Controlling economic power can be seen as impinging on property rights in those who are power. This limits role of ideas in taking precedence over the political economy (Campbell: 1998). The ideas represented by the class of organic intellectuals needs to extend beyond just the interests of society, state interests, to incorporate a consideration of the global world order. I have suggested that countries cannot effectively create good governance, fight corruption or limit the power of economic actors without the material capability to do so. Yet as global trade and global institutions has grown increasingly influential in managing economic development – so too has the need to manage the limits of economic development on the global level.

The empowerment of key stakeholders under the ABSM, in theory would allow people to have their voices heard, and more importantly, valued democratically. The introduction of the ABSM illustrates a certain compliance of the Bank with remedying previous issues. More importantly, it illustrates a push towards…

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