Dementia D1 For Assigment Essay

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Dementia D1
In this part of the essay I will evaluate how different approaches to caring for people with dementia can affect individual outcomes. I will evaluate the difference of someone living at home with dementia and someone who is living in a care home also suffering with dementia. When living at home with dementia the individual will have professional help come to them to help with daily tasks such as supervising medication intake, enabling optimum health and safety at home, providing a patient listening ear and friendly face, cooking, housekeeping and general errands, helping to facilitate routine, familiarly and comfort for their loved one at a difficult time. When someone moves from their home into a care home it can be very
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However unless necessary precautions are taken while lifting or moving someone, the person helping them could be at risk of causing injury to themselves, for example hurting their back.
Abuse in an informal care setting such as their home for someone with dementia is very high. The abuse can be from anyone such as carers, children, partners and friends. When an individual is diagnosed with dementia their loved ones will usually want to take care of them at home. But some carers don’t realise how challenging and demanding being a carer is. They also don’t realise how life changing it would be for them. As people who are suffering with the dementia learn how to deal with their experience they may sometimes show behaviour that seems aggressive or violent. This behaviour can be highly stressful for carers and is highly predictive of mistreatment and abuse on the part of the carer. Abuse that is from family can be seen in two ways; deliberate abuse and abuse that is not. Sometimes the person giving the care is doing their very best but just cannot provide the level of care and support that is needed. This can sometimes be due to them not knowing what level of care is needed or not knowing what care and support is available and sometimes because the necessary support is not available. Abuse that is not deliberate can include a wide range of actions, which include

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