Essay about Demand For Higher Minimum Wage

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Rejection for Higher Minimum Wage
Minimum wage workers deserve minimum wage the way it is now. If the government raises minimum wage then it will just cause the cost of living to go up and decrease the value of the dollar. If minimum wage is increased, then everybody’s wages would eventually rise too and then minimum wage workers would continue to ask for more money because they would end up at the bottom of the chain again. Most people benefitting from a wage increase are not even in poverty. Minimum wage is a good amount right now considering that the amount of people making minimum wage who earned an income at or below the poverty was only 2.7% (Palumbo). Opposing sides say that raising minimum wage would decrease unemployment and that the minimum wage is outdated because it has not been changed in so long (“Over 600 Economists Sign”). Raising minimum wage would not help workers in the long run, it would make the economy worse and it would be ineffective in years to come. Generally, minimum wage workers live on their own and do not support a family; thus, making minimum wages a sustainable living income. Minimum wage is also beneficial now because it qualifies most people for medicare and Medicaid. The only way for a minimum wage worker to live in poverty would be if they supported a larger family and they were the breadwinner, or if they only worked forty hours a week for fifty weeks a year. Raising the minimum wage would make it harder for marginal workers to get a…

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