Delta Airlines And The Aviation Industry Essay

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Delta Airlines have a very interesting history beginning in 1924 as a crop duster to become one of the leading carrier in the aviation industry. Delta Air Lines’ long history of service actually began in agriculture, when the company was founded in 1924 as the world’s first aerial crop dusting organization -- Huff Daland Dusters. In fact, if the boll weevil had not marched out of Mexico prior to the turn of this century to devastate the cotton fields of the South, there might not have been a Delta Air Lines. When the weevil’s relentless destruction reached the Mississippi Valley, such a serious economic threat faced the South that the Bureau of Entomology operated a laboratory in Tallulah, Louisiana, as the base for an intensified cotton insect investigation. Directing the activities at the laboratory was Dr. B. R. Extension Department of Coad, assisted by a young district agent with the Louisiana State University, C. E. Woolman. Woolman, an agricultural engineering graduate of the University of Illinois, was also an aviation enthusiast. Since the airplane was little more than a novelty with an uncertain future then, Woolman settled for the more certain future of agriculture. By 1916, Dr. Coad and Woolman had their first promising weapon -- lead arsenate, a dry powder. What was needed was a method of application that would be faster and more effective than hand sprinkling. Application by air seemed most practical, and Dr. Coad obtained a small appropriation from…

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