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Dell Computer Corporation, with annual revenue of $52.9 billion is a premier provider of computing products and services. As a result of its direct business model, dell is a leading seller of computer systems worldwide and the number one seller in all computer segments in the United States.
Dell was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell on a simple concept: by selling computer systems
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Dell’s corporate headquarters are locates in Round Rock, Texas. Its manufacturing facilities are located in Austin, Texas, Eldorado do Sul, Brazil, Nashville, Tennessee, Limerick, Ireland, Penang, Malaysia, and Xiamen, China.
Dell’s Supply Chain Management
Dell is well known as a producer of customize computers. That service seems to be quite cost intensive for dell. Especially for storage and inventory costs because every computer has different parts built in. Dell solved this problem with success. They have no inventory because they force the supplier to take the inventory and the related costs and risks.
Dells supply chain is quite simple because of the direct contact to the customer. This allows production on demand which means that Dell starts the production of a part not before an order is placed.

After the order is placed by the customer, Dell gives the purchasing order to the suppliers. They deliver the part every two hours to the manufacturing parts. The parts get introduced immediately into the production process.
The production is spread all over the world in strategic relevant places.

These production facilities are standardized which facilitates best practise approaches. The production of the ordered product is in the nearest possible facility to the shipment location. Therefore are the delivering times as short as possible.
Is the product finished they were stored in the manufacturing plant until all

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