Dell Company Is Made By Micheal Dell Essay

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Dell Company

Webster University
Dell Case Study # 1
BUSN 6200
Aziza Zahi
Executive Summary
Dell Company is made by Micheal Dell. Michael Dell Name is using his last name as the name of his company-Dell.
Bloomderg Business Week (11-03-2003), Michael Dell Company takes the place the premier provider of products and services and computer systems. Dell sales are software, personal PCs, cameras, printers, MP3 players, and other electronics made by another companies or manufacturers. These computers used internationally by customers worldwide to build and update their information technology.
Dell Computer Corporation (01-30-1993), Dell in 1994 is adding the e-commerce capability and it was the first company that record $1 million sales using online method sales. Dell it is the highest internet commerce business sites in the world. Dell receives many requests, for one quarter Dell receives at 80 country sites up to 27 languages used, and 40 type currencies 775 million page requests per quarter. Dell Customers Visit the site weekly, average of 400,000 people visit the site and 40 % after the visit ends up in ordering section to place the order.
Dell back ground history
Dell, Michael; Catherine Freedman (1999), in 1984, Michael Dell founds Dell Computer Corp. Direct from Dell, Harper Colling, P.13. Ferrell, Keith (August 1987), in 1987, the company dropped the PC’s limited dba to be Dell Computer Corporation and began expanding globally. The Company setup the…

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