Deities And Deities Of Religion Essay

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Through all religions though many differentiate in ways of practice, rituals, and other dynamics all have one thing in common, a deity or deities that guide them through everyday life. A deity (or more commonly known as a god) is, by definition, a God, god, or goddess who seen as divine or sacred by the people of the religion. The deity/deities of a religion are usually the focus point of a religion. The deity/deities also typically give knowledge or advice to its followers by means of written script or by other worldly means. The deity/deities of religion are the what holds the religion together anchor it, they help put a driving force into joining the religion and help keep its followers. Deity/deities most commonly play a large part of their specific religion. Some religions have a primary deity, these religions are known as monotheism; a famous religion that is monotheistic is Christianity. While others have many deities, these religions are known as polytheism; a famous religion the is polytheistic is Hinduism which to some has as many as 30,000 different gods and goddesses. In what follows will be the defining of the monotheistic deity of Christianity also known as the Holy Trinity and polytheistic deities of Hinduism and how they differ in many ways but also share certain similarities. The first deity covered is from the religion of Christianity. This religion has monotheistic practice religion with the main focus of the what they call the Holy Trinity. The Holy…

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