Dehumanization Of Technology In Aldus Huxley's Brave New World

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In Brave New World, Aldus Huxley enhances the terrible dehumanization of his utopian society also referred to as the World State. Mond’s used his actions of hypnopaedia to his advantage by making people in his society do whatever he asks or wants. Mond believes that the people should not make their own decisions in life because that precedes them to fail. In Mond’s world there is no failure. In his iceberg speech he verbally admits to rebelling against all his beliefs and laws. The irony represented by Mustapha Mond to society is verbally shown throughout his “iceberg speech” by using his authority to excuse himself from breaking the laws that he set forth. The laws established by Mond in the World State are very strict yet the people …show more content…
When the book was written technology wasn’t at its best but today technology is almost limitless. Just like the technology in Brave New World. The methods like electric shock and drugs such as soma are used on the regular in the World State that can be related to prescription drugs like Ibuprofen or muscle relaxers which give us relief from pain and grief caused by stress. Mond uses these methods so people in the World State don’t know what stress, grief, or frustration is. If someone is feeling mad or upset then they will take the soma in their way of choice to relieve them from whatever they’re going through. Electric shock is used for young infants to avoid them from becoming too attached to toys and books. Nurses would give the babies books and flowers. As the babies crawled towards the books and flowers they would suffer a mild electric shock. After repeating this process multiple times the infants would form a natural hate for books and flowers. They want babies from lower castes to stay away from books to prevent them from wasting their precious time reading books instead of doing work for the society. Nature was forbidden, and was taught to the infants to dislike it through the flower process, because everyone was originally taught to love it therefore everyone went to visit the country. But sense nature was free all they were receiving was transportation. They prevented everyone from nature so that they could increase the consumption of goods. They eventually taught everyone to love sports out in the country so that they would be receiving two goods instead of one on their trips to the country. They received both transportation and the country sports while

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