Deformation Of Elastic Body C2 Lab Report Essay

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In this experiment, we will measure the stress and the strain in an elastic body, observe Hooke's law and determine the modulus of elasticity of the material.
Furthermore, the stiffness k of the rigid body is determined as well.

To measure the deformation (strain) in a truss member, determine the modulus of elasticity of the material involved and the stiffness of the rigid body.
As shown in figure one, the system consists of a truss member BG and a rigid body
OB, which are joined together at their ends. The system has pin-joints at O, B and G.
The member OB is very rigid when compared with BG. Therefore, any deformation in OB is neglected and OB is treated as a rigid body.

Figure 1
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What is the significance of observed strains fitting into a straight line in the plot of σ vs  ?
The gradient of a straight line plot is constant. The gradient represents the Young's modulus value for the material used in the experiment. This confirms the theory that the value of Young's modulus, E, is material dependent. i.e. Objects made from the same type of material will

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