Deforestation And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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In a world devoted to consumption, considering where the products come from is rare. In many cases, resources are found from the uncivilized areas of the world. The result of this production is global deforestation. Deforestation results negatively on the Earth’s health. Deforestation is the mass clearing of trees which results in “the reduction of CO2 emissions” (Laborczy, Winkler). Besides the negative impact found in the Earth’s atmosphere, deforestation has a harmful impact the animals in the area. Leaving large areas of the ecosystem barren, strips animals from food and shelter. “A controlled study found that thirty-four percent of fauna had been extirpated from the study landscape” (Sreekar et al., 2015). Mass deforestation leaves miles of forest infertile and in devastation. A recent survey found “many tree species were going extinct in a surveyed area after removal and failure to replant” (Mustapha, Abdu, Dakata, & Adamu 2015). Mankind ravages the Earth for profit and fail to replenish the destruction. “The Crow and the Snake” and “Burning the Shelter” enforce a message that humans must be more mindful in safe guarding the environment.
The theme of broadening the concept of wilderness lingers through the two literary works. Definitively the word wilderness can be described as “wild or uncultivated land” (Oxford English Dictionary). In “The Crow and the Snake” the humans were an example of this narrow-minded definition of nature, which excludes…

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