Human Security Issues Research Paper

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Nearly every environmental issue is a human security issue. No matter what issue it is whether it is global warming, pollution, or poor air quality it still will affect humans negatively. Humans have basic needs to be able to survive such as clean water, food, and shelter from the elements. Without access to these then it would become a human security issue because it would cause many humans to die. Humans need to feel safe in their environment, humans should not fear for their lives due to causes such as poor environmental conditions.
Humans share this planet with many other species and if one species is in trouble due to the environment, then all the species are in trouble because it will affect the needs of many organisms. The number of
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Many people rely on forests for many items such as wood, food, shelter, agriculture, and many more. Due to globalization many people take part in deforestation, which causes animals to no longer have shelter (Payne,2013). If animals no longer have shelter then they will become endangered and eventually extinct, which ties in with the fact that we need organisms to have biodiversity. Humans also need to eat. If a big part of the food chain becomes extinct then it will cause a domino effect and it will cause many other species to become extinct, then eventually humans. This makes deforestation a human security issue. Without biodiversity, humans will die. Deforestation also causes climate change. Trees protect the earth from becoming dry, which without trees would cause the area to become a desert. Also, trees protect humans from greenhouse gases that humans themselves create which would be a human security issue because humans would die without access to oxygen. Humans have many various jobs from deforestation, and humans need more jobs available to them due to globalization. Globalization is causing humans to participate in deforestation to build things such as houses, roadways, farmlands, and more. Humans do not realize that they need trees to protect them from many things. Without trees human nature will be in crisis because they bring so many benefits to humans, trees help stop greenhouse

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