Definitions Of Mentality In Eric Blehm's Poem Fearless

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Although it has many assumptions, what does the word fearless actually mean? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the clear meaning of fearless is “lacking fear” or “not afraid”. Synonyms for this characteristic most known to people everywhere include brave, bold, and sometimes even heroic. Written by Eric Blehm, Fearless is the long, heroic journey of Adam Brown, where he faces drug addiction, the challenge of self-worth, and overcomes his fears, making his life a sacrifice for the country. Throughout the whole novel, being fearless is the reoccurring theme and shows itself in many different instances. Of course, it is a hard personality feature to come by, yet Adam Brown’s mentality was shaped by this. He faced different challenges …show more content…
It thrives in the human brain of special people who don’t see fear as a burden, but rather an opportunity to conquer a task that they never deemed possible. Adam is a clear example of this mentality. One of the first instances is on page 41, when Adam was told, “that in the future he should “run from a loaded gun””. On this exact part of the novel, Adam and his three friends, Jeff, Richard, and Heath got themselves into some particularly nasty trouble. To say the least, they picked a fight with the wrong type of crowd and this interaction had some brutal consequences. Adam was faced with a gun aiming at his chest with the intent to hurt him and he did not back down. He believed standing up for his comrades was more important than anything that could possibly injure his physical stature. Luckily, he failed to get damaged, physically at least, and this just showed the prime determination of his mentality. One quote by Joseph David Schwartz is, “Do what you fear and your fear disappears”. This closely relates to this situation because although Adam was surely slightly afraid of a gun pointing at his chest, one slight finger movement away from harming him, he did not let it affect him. He valued his friends’ lives more than his and said at this exact moment also on page 41, “If you’re going to shoot me, f---ing shoot me!”. When the guy failed to respond, he then …show more content…
During the end of his drug addiction and after trying many other options, he found that the only way to better himself was to redeem himself. He found this chance through the armed forces as that was where his inner struggle led him to. Sacrificing a life for the country as a whole is one of the biggest acts of fearlessness. Adam had to leave his family behind, which includes his kids and his wife, to go to training and then deployment to stop the famous Osama Bin Laden. He spent weeks away at a time, yet didn’t stay gone without reminding his family how much he misses their presence. According to the author, Adam left scattered notes in the house while he was away for his wife to find, just to remind her that he is still there in spirit. Even when he is on the battlefield fighting for his life. Although leaving for the Navy was a very heartfelt gesture lacking the sense of fear, it ended with Adam being buried along with his other comrades of war, while his family mourned his tragic death. It was difficult for everybody to grieve this honorable man, yet it is definitely important for them to remember that he passed as a hero without an ounce of fear in his sweet heart.
In conclusion, Adam Brown was fearlessly tough in more ways than one, and showed this throughout his whole journey which was packed full of ups and downs and difficult challenges. He left an imprint on the world

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