Definition Of Zero Tolerance Policies Essay

1177 Words Oct 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
Boundaries in school can be a complex issue, sometimes easy to navigate and at other times invisible. Teachers and administrators have the potential the violate students’ boundaries with the concept of zero tolerance policies that are used in some school districts today. An example I will use is the incidence that occurred in an Indiana school system where a young student was bullied and chose to defend themselves: these actions show how zero tolerance violated her personal boundaries. Next, describing my ideas as an educator to develop a coherent policy to guard against zero tolerance policies and how this punishment affects them. Through this, I will develop policies to reduce the effect of zero tolerance policies violence caused by bullies and perceived violence where punishment is not commiserated to the students ' action.

Tanasia Futrell of Sanderson High School is an example of student’s boundary’ being violated. In Tanasia’s situation, she was caught fighting against fellow students. Under the zero tolerance policy, Tanasia was cited for fighting in school, suspended for a week, and later sent to an Alternate Learning Center (ALC). The only issue is that she was defending here self against known bullies that have targeted Tanasia multiple times. Even though she did not throw the first punch, she was treated just like the bullies that attacked her and in some situations worse than them. With Tanasia’s event, there will be examples of how violating her personal…

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