Definition Of Health And Wellness Essay

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Defining health and wellness can be a difficult term to discuss says Kathleen. Involving not just the physical side, it also encompasses the mental and social well-being. Having a balance of these aspects lead to overall good health, and can create a better sense of well-being. As a member of the LGBT community, it can be a challenge to receive appropriate health care. This plays a major role in health status. If appropriate access to health care cannot be given, there is little opportunity to see improvements in one’s health. Compared to other community members Kathleen rates her personal wellness or health status as around the average. Her sexual orientation will be the reason for some of this difference, with health inequalities such as discrimination, homophobia, and heterosexism being large factors in quality of health care received (McNair, 2003). With heterosexuality being perceived as the norm it can be difficult, often causing many health risks that are specific to lesbian health care such as cervical health, reproduction health, parenting health, mental health, substance use, and ageing (McNair, 2003).
Overall Kathleen’s experience has been a positive one; with the healthcare system advancing greatly health care providers are becoming more accepting. Her family doctor has been accepting of her sexual orientation, providing great care and openness to her health concerns. Meanwhile in the hospital setting it can be challenging to disclose sexual identity to an…

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