Essay on Definition Of Conduct Disorder ( Ocd )

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Definition of Conduct Disorder According to the DSM, the definition of conduct disorder is a repetitive and persistent pattern of behavior in which the basic rights of others or major age-appropriate societal norms or rules are violated (APA, 2013). Children and adolescents are categorized into three different subtypes, which are established at the onset of the disorder and their age. The different subtypes of conduct disorder are childhood onset, adolescent onset, and unspecified onset. Childhood onset is when a child that is experiencing signs of conduct behavior appear before the age of ten. This usually appears in males, which show frequent aggression toward people. ADHD is also found in this subtype. Another subtype is adolescent onset. This is when a person is showing signs of conduct disorder during his/her teenage years. Unspecified onset is when a person does not know the age at which the disorder first occurred. In both childhood and adolescent onset, these subtypes can occur mild, moderate, or severe. Mild meaning very few conduct problems such as: lying, breaking curfew, or attendance problems. Moderate meaning it has an intermediate number of conduct problems between “mild” and “severe”. Stealing or vandalism would be considered moderate. Severe is when many conduct problems are shown such as, forced sexual activity, physical abuse to others, using a weapon, or mugging someone.
The symptoms of a person with conduct disorder vary depending on the age…

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