Definition Essay On Loneliness

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What is loneliness? According to the dictionary, the definition of loneliness is sadness due to having no friends or company or being in isolation. Loneliness is a complicated emotion; everyone is a little afraid of loneliness and everyone feels it. It is an emotion that everyone experiences during their life. A person can feel lonely if he/she is alone or in a crowded room. However, the dictionary definition of loneliness is partially correct. Feeling lonely is not the same as being alone. There are some people who desire to be alone, introverts, but loneliness is the feeling of sadness about being alone. Sometimes loneliness is also associated with depression. When a person is sad, he/she may think that there is no one who understands them …show more content…
Although this scenario would over happen if the person is completely isolated from society and has no human interactions, it is inevitable to experience loneliness. Human beings are social creatures and it is very important to get connections and interactions. However, making friends and connections is not enough. As was previously mentioned, people can feel loneliness if they are with their friends or if they are standing in a crowded room. The struggle with loneliness is not all about lacking access to people, but lacking a connection or closeness with people. “The source of pain is the lack of a certain feeling in our relationships. And that feeling is closeness” (Asatryan, 2016). According to Asatryan, one cannot combat loneliness by surrounding themselves with people. S/he has to feel close to them. The feeling of closeness is what people crave when they are lonely. When people are lonely, they are sad because they feel misunderstood and unloved. By forming a relationship where everyone feels understood and values, they can stop those long feelings of loneliness. This is most likely why some people do not ever feel lonely; they have a surplus of close

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