Definition Essay On Happiness

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Happiness is a difficult word to define. Everybody has a different perspective of happiness, yet above everything else in the world it is what most people seek. Happiness is intangible, the only way for a person to sustain happiness is by figuring out all of the factors in their personal lives that make them the happiest. Some people would say money can buy you happiness because they speculate that money could give them power, or some sort of fulfillment while others disagree. I personally believe that money could not buy anybody eternal joy within their own life. People are convinced that happiness can bought by a sufficient amount of money. However, they could also be neglecting the fact that happiness is not just determined by money, many …show more content…
Many people can use their money for more than just satisfying their personal needs of living causing them to be greedy showing no compassion, or remorse for others. Money is able to fill someone’s heart with individual moments of happiness, but they are not everlasting. Spending money on yourself weather it is going out to a movie or buying a new wardrobe can give a person an instant feeling of happiness. However, that feeling of happiness is only within the moment because once the movie is over, or the clothes a person buys are out of style then they will want the next best thing, so they start from square one where they aren’t necessarily unhappy, but they aren’t achieving extremely either. Money facilitates the achievement of all spiritual values l as well as material. Money can buy an individuals ideal image of what a perfect life would be. Money can nourish a person’s happiness by helping someone achieve the values that happiness is made of. A young student going to college would need money to pay for school, or a single parent needing money to help pay for her kids to participate in team sports. Like many things, money can be put to poor uses. Yet money can also be put into good use for achieving happiness. The Dalai Lama says, “No self satisfaction alone can determine if a desire or action is positive or negative (p.26). If individuals are to accept the use of money they must be able to obtain enough control over it in order to make a positive effect of their own

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