Definition Essay : Define Beautiful

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Define Beautiful. To some people, the way they look on the outside determines their beauty, while to others inner beauty is what counts the most. According to Merriam Webster beauty, means being physically attractive or the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind. In our world today, to be beautiful you need to be at society’s standard of what is considered “beautiful.” All around, there are ads, magazines, commercials, posters, etc., on what to do to have the “perfect” body or the “best” looking face. In commercials or on a poster boards, there are models looking spectacular and they are just attributes of beauty. In reality they are human beings that have flaws but that is what makes them unique. Professional editors, edit their models to make them look slimmer or have a more defined waist. Ordinary people see the models looking perfect and they want to look like that. If makeup is not enough, people will turn to surgery to get their ideal body type. Because of society’s standard for a perfect body, plastic surgery has skyrocketed. People are so caught up in what society has to say that they become blind to what true beauty is. Many people do not even realize what the cost to plastic surgery is because they are too tenacious to look the “best.” Even though plastic surgery can boost a person’s confidence, it will cause more more harm than good.
Men, women, teens depend on their bodies to get what they want, wether it be a relationship,…

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