Literacy Persuasive Speech

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If someone asks you what literacy is, you would probably answer it by saying: reading, writing, and some form of communication. Instead, think about it this way, what does literacy mean to you. As people introduced to the concept of literacy, it becomes obvious that literacy has expanded beyond the ability to read and write. We are living in a world where literacy has developed into more insight than the average definition. Society has proven repeatedly, it will reward those people who can adapt and hinder those who are not. Literacy can depend on the situation a person is in and the background of a person as well. Since literacy changes from moment to moment and from person to person, it is difficult to explain what literacy is, but …show more content…
You would never know it; literacy could make the world look different in your life. Going back in time when children had to image their parents ' words during story time, understand the stock market in the newspaper as dad explains the economy, and did not spend most of their time on an electronic device. What do you feel about people who do not like to read and spend most of their time in front of a television? Does television leave enough room for your imagination and interpretation of a character, or did the movie portray the character already the way you imaged …show more content…
We develop better skills; we become literate on anything that you have a passion for, such as basketball, poetry, or just talking and discussing an issue. Think about this are we living in a world where everyone is illiterate, and if you think otherwise. Then why are there people who are math illiterate, music illiterate, and so on so forth. I hope my concept of literacy brings a better light on this topic, so I ask you one question. What does literacy mean to you? If you answer reading, writing, and some form of communicating after reading this paper, then you did not understand literacy at all. Are you

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