Definition And Simple Theorizing Of Learning Essay

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Learning can be defined as a change in behavior of an individual. Learning can also be defined as a process that enables individuals to have a new experience from day to day experience.
Learning has fascinated several thinkers from the likes of Plato and Aristotle. The views of these two philosophers underpin much modern research on learning conducted by psychologists and educators. The fact that so many people have thought about it, investigated and even written about the process of learning suggests the complexity learning. Learning defies easy definition and simple theorizing.

In the book No Limits to Learning, James describes a primary feature of innovative learning as anticipation- preparing people to use techniques such as models, scenarios and forecasting.
Anticipatory learning encourages learners to consider the trends, evaluate the consequences of the future, make plans, and to recognize the global implications of local, national and the regional actions. This enables learners to be up to date with new learning materials and trends that may lead to improvement of learners and ways to deal with new learning experiences
He also describes innovative learning as participation. He says learning is an attitude characterized by co-operation, dialogue, and empathy. It means that when one is learning new things or being taught, he ought to be participating in the process so that he may get to understand things by participating, this may include asking questions…

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