Sex Work Case Study

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The International Board is requested to adopt a policy that seeks attainment of the highest possible protection of the human rights of sex workers, through measures that include the decriminalization of sex work performed by adults on adults. Choosing how one uses their body and to what ends should always be the choice of the owner of that body, using it for profit via sexual interaction is no exception. To prove that this choice has a positive outcome I will show that decriminalizing sexual acts for profit increases safety for workers, does not endanger anyone more so than they already are in this line of work, and that decriminalizing sexual work can actually improve the lives of those who are currently involved or may become so in the future. …show more content…
The pimps role is making sure the workers in his charge are performing adequately, that they are being paid for their services, and making sure a percentage gets back to him for his oversight. This relationship can get complex resulting in the physical harm of the workers or clients at the hand of the supervisor should they deem the work or payments unsatisfactory. Additionally, should the client of the sex worker feel the need to harm the worker for either pleasure or to convey displeasure they may do so without the consent of the worker or the supervisor. When this physical abuse happens the client may also face physical abuse as retribution, but the harm done to the sex worker is irreversible. This ongoing cycle of physical abuse can be attributed to the current legal status of sexual work. Reporting this abuse to the proper authorities is rare because the abused believe the consequences of being involved in illicit sexual activities outweighs the abuse itself. Should the sex worker report abuse to the authorities she can face jail time, conflicts with her clients other sexual partners, additional physical abuse from her supervisor, or severe social scrutiny. If the client is abused during her sexual encounter and wishes to report it to the authorities she could face jail time, a conflict with another sexual partner, or humiliation. Decriminalizing sexual acts on adults by adults would mitigate abuse by holding the abusers legally accountable without repercussions to the abused for coming forward. Legalizing sexual work would undoubtedly lead to regulations on the transactions and treatment of the involved parties. Monetary transactions would be held to a minimum and universal standard, similar to any contract work. This would alleviate conflicts

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