Declaration Of Independence And Independence Essay

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Declaration of Independence Assignment In its entirety, The Declaration of Independence is man’s way of ensuring its right not to be controlled by any one person, entity or unjust government. The main trepidations of the colonists during the beginning stage of the American Revolution are clearly stated within the Declaration of Independence. These concerns and fears showed the overwhelming urgency to depart from England quickly because their livelihood, liberties, and freedoms were hanging in the balance. The Declaration of Independence provided a clear-cut, fast track message to the King of Great Britain stating it no longer owed anything to England, and England no longer controlled America’s people. Early within the first two passages of the Declaration of Independence lie the core values in which the colonists and their future peoples are about to adopt. It is the choke hold that will make Kind Edward the third finally listen with no opportunity for dismissal or disapproval. The passage describes how mankind is born with basic human rights no one person or government can take away. It is not an issue of which can be discussed with the thought of being taken away or argued upon. It is also understood that mankind should hold a basic right to state their reasoning for wanting to unhitch from their government if they see it fit to do so. It is also the right of the people to take away or abolish any leaders or laws that may be corrupt or an abuse of power that interfere…

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