Decisions In William Shakespeare's Hamlet And Antigone

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Hamlet and Antigone are very different plays, though both have elements in common that can tie them together. Antigone was a product of the ancient Greek’s classic theater and it followed their rigid rules of action, time, and place, and what it accompanied. The play, having to take place during the course of a single day, is about one thing, and takes place in one location. The play also was a part of a set consisting of the three tragedies and a satyr play. Hamlet on the other hand, despite being written in England during the Renaissance when playwrights and the theaters were trying to imitate the habits of their Greek predecessors, was written in an entirely different style. It took place over the span of several days, though the end goal …show more content…
The connection being the theme of decisions. Both Hamlet and Antigone, and the characters and the plays in general, teach the importance of decisions and what must come after. We, as audience members or readers, are taught about making decisions in Hamlet. Then in Antigone we are taught about standing by our choices. Hamlet spends most of the play debating with himself. For a time Hamlet questions should he or should he not kill himself? “To be or not to be? That is the question” (Hamlet: Act III: Scene I). The first half of the play is about Hamlet trying to discern the truth, as he believes he is unable to totally believe the ghostly image of his father. Is this real or is this not? Is this heaven trying to warn me or hell trying to damn me? Antigone is quite similar as Antigone must make a choice that will have repercussions on her life. However, all of those choices are made before we even see the first scene. In the play we are shown how to stand by the decisions we make. Though the moral is not always easy to uphold, it is a necessary lesson to teach. Antigone, at great peril to her own life, buries the brother she loved as an act of obedience to the gods she worships. In the play her uncle tries to dissuade her and bend her to the will of man, but Antigone stands firm even when she is shown opportunities to escape a grim fate. By watching first Hamlet and then Antigone we, as the audience, could be said to be watching an illustration of decision

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