Deception In Othello Analysis

Deceptions Downfall

Shakespeare’s characters use deception unlike any other author ever in the play Othello. One of his most deceptive characters ever was Iago, Shakespeare makes the reader feel as if Iago is trying to deceive them. Iago’s mind tricks on unreal he turns lovers on each other even friends however, this deception has a price. Iago’s deceptive nature drive’s him to destroy Othello, Desdemona, Emilia, and himself.

Iago’s lack of faith in his companions leads him to deceive those companions into attempting to murder one another. Iago convinces Roderigo that the only way to obtain Desdemona’s love is by murdering Casio. However, Iago does not care if Roderigo gets Desdemona’s love he just wants Cassio out of his way. Iago believes
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Iago’s intelligence and jealousy are what are going to lead to his death. Iago’s plan was brilliant to get all of these people who trust him to turn on each other to the point of wanting to murder him. Othello has admitted he failed Desdemona however, he also exclaims “Are there no stones in heaven But what serve for the thunder?—Precious villain”(5.2.248-249). It seems as if Othello does not understand how a man so evil could get away with this horrible act. Othello knows that what Iago has done is disgusting and evil and believes that the gods should punish Iago for his acts. These wretched events will lead to Othello wanting to kill Iago not only for making him feel inadequate as a husband but also for making him look like a fool. Iago lied to all these people and his plan worked for awhile but lies always seem to catch up to people. These wretched lies that Iago told leads up to Othello saying “I look down towards his feet, but that’s a fable. If that thou be’st a devil, I cannot kill thee” (5.2.299-300). Othello goes on to stab Iago the reader does not know if he dies or not. Othello believes that Iago is the devil for the havoc he has wreaked on him. Othello does not want Iago to die because he knows Iago will be tortured and left for dead by the new Governor Cassio. Iago was so close to succeeding but a fatal flaw was when Emilia decided to break her silence. Emilia decided Iago’s fate when she spoke the truth

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