Essay on Death Penalty Vs. Capital Punishment

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system in order to prevent crime from reoccurring, and to stop individuals by punishing them with other punishments excluding death penalty. This has removed the criminals from society and individuals are no longer working for committing crime again. Many families have been affected by criminal acts of their family members and have been influenced by friends, family members, this affect their quicken recovery from the loss they gain from death penalty and to end up their suffering conditions. However, prisoners who try to escape from prisons are involved with more chances of doing wrong acts against which they are offered with death penalty. The changing conditions of death penalty allow individuals to keep criminals in prison and to punish them by taking their lives away from them. There are number of conditions based on which many people would have realised that death penalty costs which is more than keeping the criminal in prison for rest of the life. A number of individuals do not accept death penalty or capital punishment as violating or evil act. There are number of issues linked up with the idea of death penalty as it abuse population rather than demotivating them against this issue.
Death penalty is considered good among some countries where this act is not eliminated yet because individual think that by keeping criminal in prison for years will cause more pain to them rather than providing them with death sentence (Unnever, Cullen & Roberts, 2005, p. 187). Numerous…

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