Death Penalty Theory

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What exactly is ethics? Ethics has so many meanings, that you can not have just one definition. After researching I have found that ethics is two things; it is the standards between right and wrong and and the study and development of one 's ethical standards. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and this is why it is difficult to find a precise definition. What is right to one person may not be seen as right to another. When speaking of ethics, you will also talk about morals. Many people interchange the words, “morals” and “ethics,” while they might seem similar,they are to not be confused. Ethics refers to what is seen as right in different societies, while morals refer to what is right to you on a personal level. My idea
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My understanding of the death penalty was a life for a life, and if you did something wrong, you should be punished. That all changed when my father got sentenced to life in prison for first degree murder last year. It wasn 't something a 17 year old should have to go to but unfortunately it happened. I had a lady come up to me at the trial, and bluntly told me he should have gotten the death penalty. That got me thinking, did my own father, the most hard working, respectful man, deserve the death penalty? To answer your question, no he doesn …show more content…
I have always believed two wrongs do not make a right, of course we were always taught that when we were kids, so why doesn’t it apply to this concept. All the death penalty does is waste taxpayers money and gives the murder a quick way out of what they have done. If they plead not guilty, can you really put the blame on them, what if you are just taking an innocent life as well and that just isn’t right. I personally believe the death penalty should be abolished it does no good for our society and only causes more money to be spent, and in this society, that’s the last thing we need to be

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